Build An Abstract DIY Modern Low Bench

This abstract modern DIY bench is the perfect do-it-yourselfer before the holidays kick off and you are looking for extra seats!

A modern low bench can be the perfect temporary solution for particularly entertaining seats without blocking the windows (like this one), such as a reading corner bench, a colorful bench for the little ones or even a coffee table on the floor (like this DIY one).

You can even slip it under the bed to easily keep it until your next party or a rainy afternoon reading to make it even more attractive. Basically, the sky in this thing is the limit. You can leave it in stained and simple wood or like mine with an abstract pattern on top and golden hairpin legs.

Materials and tools needed to make a modern abstract DIY low bench

  • Boards ready for installation – we have already cut them out in the construction store.
  • Wood stain and colors in the color of your choice
  • The hairpin legs – I liked them too.
  • Golden wooden screws
  • Drills and drills
  • Wood glue
  • In parentheses
  • Painter’s Tape-optional only for creating painted drawings/lines.

How to make a modern abstract DIY low bench

As the wood is pre-cut and ready to be installed, this project is a breeze!

Step 1-we wanted it to be something larger than just a thick board. So we glued the two parts together with wood glue and let them dry in a stretched state.

Step 2-Once the pieces of wood were glued together, I sanded the edges and rough areas for a smooth finish.

Step 3-Measure and mark where you want to place your pen feet in each of the four corners. I measured mine 1.5 inches from each edge.

Step 4-Using a drill and wood screws, drill each panel into place.

Step 5 – Now for the decoration! Use adhesive tape to define the areas to be painted or colored. I opted for a fun abstract pattern for the painted pieces, leaving an edge for coloring.

Step 6-Once the paint and stain were dry, I used permanent metallic gold adhesive paper to apply shapes to the pink part of the bank to arouse additional interest.

And voila! You’re done. We designed the bench with potted plants, a DIY model spray cushion and a DIY watercolor spray cushion. Have I already sold you the concept of a low bank?! If so, take a look at our DIY floor table, which has the same low profile. Not only is it cute, but it’s also pretty easy to do, while being an equally impressive DIY, so you really can’t lose.

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