DIY Breadboard Christmas Tree You Should Try

DIY breadboard Christmas tree – alternative Christmas trees are no stranger to us, and this year it’s no different with our colorful DIY breadboard Christmas tree. We made this DIY breadboard Christmas tree for the girls Crush market as signage/decor and decided it was too cute not to share.

In addition, you can easily hang ornaments on it, just like a traditional tree, but without cleaning or loosening artificial trees. As we expected to use it only for market decorations, we didn’t take our usual detailed tutorial photos. So you have to use your imagination for some of the steps! However, it is quite simple…

Materials and tools needed to make a DIY breadboard Christmas tree

  • Breadboard
  • Circular saw or address saw
  • 4-6 feet metal pipe
  • Quickrete
  • Two sets of screws and bolts
  • The ceramic planter-ours is from Ikea.
  • Mint Green paint and brush-optional

How to make a DIY Christmas tree

Jared used a circular saw to cut the huge piece of breadboard into a long triangle shape.

Then he mixed the quick cement and poured it into the white planter, inserting the metal rod until it was completely hardened.

From there, we used the sets of screws and bolts to attach the breadboard to the metal bar, then we painted everything white.

Once the spray paint had dried, I painted the Mint green breadboard myself and let it dry completely.

Once it dried, I wondered if I wanted to decorate it or not! I like the simple tree with a single Pom Pom on top.

It also matched well with our Pinky Happy Rose Quartz chair per Item, and I’m always a sucker for a good color scheme with stylish corners!

Finally, I added a pretty garland for a little more Umph, but I love the way it turned out! It’s definitely a modern space saver when it comes to no-fuss Christmas trees.

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