Dolls in Pantone Nesting

Some time ago I bought these empty wooden nesting dolls in the craft store. I had something in mind for her, but then this opportunity came and went and I never used it. Since then, they have been sitting on my desk, looking at me behind my other accessories, waiting and petitioning to be made somehow!

Me, Ariel, I was flipping through some Pantone colored chips for another project and suddenly everything came together-I wanted to paint these nesting dolls like colored chips! Color the tops and leave the bottoms free. Pantone nesting dolls are a great way to bring a color palette into a more accessible (and more tactile) Format and, when properly sealed, are suitable for a modern bookshelf or a cute children’s toy.

  • Nesting Dolls Set
  • Making an acrylic brush
  • Cricut Explore Air
  • Discs
  • Cricut Transfer Tape
  • American Acrylic Painting

Here, I chose the colors of the sugar-colored wall and fabric-Tuscan red, poodle skirt pink, cotton candy, spicy pumpkin, cadmium yellow, Laguna, murmuring turquoise and baby sapphire!

The project is quite simple, paint the lid of each doll with the colors of different colors. You will need two layers for even coverage.

While the lids are drying, use your Cricut to cut out the word “PANTONE” in Naked Helvetica (in all caps) – the same font that Pantone uses – as many times as you want on the nesting dolls.

I wanted to avoid overloaded letters on the smaller dolls, so I only made words for the larger dolls. Apply them with transfer tape. You can also paint the word “PANTONE”, but with the Cricut it’s so much cleaner and easier.

You can seal the dolls in a mod Podge or a clear varnish to improve durability, especially if you want to give them to a child!

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