Easter and Modern Potted Flower Cake

There are two reasons why I really like Easter. The first is that you can prepare really complicated desserts and that people like it more than they judge them. There must be something about not having to decorate the whole house, which makes it easier for people to be entertained by sugar. Therefore, I am making this DIY modern potted flower cake that I think you will love!

My second favorite thing is choosing an outfit. It’s not that I’m afraid of ruffled things with a touch of pastel every other season, but I like to think that we all look really bright at Easter. Add Maison Jules with a little baking action, and you have a surefire Easter hit.

I’m not going to lie, I absolutely chose my pink bow top and my white lace skirt (so in love with this one too!) specially adapted to the studio kitchen for this item.

Ingredients and tools needed to make a DIY potted plant cake

The best part is that you can use any flavored cake or frosting that you want to use for this DIY potted plant cake. Or you cheat like me and buy ready-made cake towers. Whatever your boat floats!

  • Your favorite recipe for frosting
  • Your favorite cake recipe-try a classic strawberry cake recipe or a raspberry cake recipe.
  • Crepe paper flowers
  • Edible Gold Dust
  • Almond extract (or 100% pure extract of your choice)
  • Thrusters Cookies
  • Knife
  • Dedicated food brush

How to make a DIY potted plant cake

1-when it comes to making the “planter” of the cake, mark with a knife a hexagonal shape on the top layer. And then slowly start cutting the cake once you have the perfect shape.

2-then comes to the icing on the cake. Although you can use the Fondant to make this cake pan even more impressive, I personally avoid it because I absolutely hate eating Fondant. Instead, I used vanilla buttercream to frost the hexagonal shape.

Then let it cool in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes. Use unprinted paper towels to make the icing beautifully smooth by gently rubbing the heat of your hands over the icing to achieve the perfect finish.

3-to paint the gold, I used edible gold dust and a little almond extract to make an edible paint to paint with a brush intended for food.

4-Once the paint is dry, glue the crepe paper flowers. I toyed with the idea of using real flowers, but I chose the crepe paper route because a) They hold up really well to prepare their cake in advance, and b) they are all food-grade stems!

5 – I needed a few stitches to make the placement right, but once they were attached, I used crushed thruster chocolate cookies as the “ground”.

6-finally, I put a few strands of Green crepe paper in it and that’s it. If you didn’t know, you might never doubt that it’s a cake! Unless you are close enough to smell the huge amounts of sugar, in which matter you would definitely know.

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