Garden Flower Bridal Shower for Caitlin

You may remember Caitlin from the bedroom makeover we worked on in the fall, and she’s officially back in the sugar and fabric action with this garden flower bridal shower I was allowed to host for her last weekend! I’ve only had an official sister for about 40 days and 13 hours, but who’s counting?! I’m not incredibly excited that my lifelong dream of having a sister has come true by marrying Jared or something.

But since we’re not here to talk about why I’m crazy, let’s talk about flowers and pretty DIY things instead. I kept most of things pretty simple for this party, but it was definitely a setting where less is more!

I worked with my favorites again at Blush & Vine for the flowers, and they did it as usual. Instead of procuring and buying the geometric golden lanterns for an occasion, we could use yours and decorate them in the Studio in the morning.

I attached a little DIY touch with last week’s floating floral displays and the blushing pink cactus wall art above the dining table that I painted for the party.

Blush & Vine has attached some flowers through the canvas with pins to give it flowers and texture too. I like how it turned out!

Each frame had a wildflower branch as an accent next to the place cards and a monogrammed cosmetic bag by Kate Aspen with Lindt chocolates, a gold compact and a pen bottle opener. I couldn’t help myself and decided to add colorful Pompoms to them at the last second, ha!

I also got lucky and grabbed a few geometric card holders from the world market that matched the table decorations! For the cakes, I bought a simple vanilla bean cake right away and added the golden cactus and the flowers themselves. With a vanilla cake and a Mimosa bar, you can’t go wrong!

Instead of normal shower games, we went the Token Smith family route and played Pictionary on dry erase boards, but all with wedding-related themes, which was super fun! We are big fans of games and this was the perfect choice. I also added a touch of Trashy Texas by making a wedding ring toss game that was a Bierpong game, but I decided to leave that out of the photos!

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