Love Markers with Cheese and Chocolate

DIY Printable chocolate and cheese love Markers – these DIY printable chocolate and cheese love markers are the perfect sweet and subtle way to say how you really feel…

Nothing says I love you more than promising to share your snack, right? But seriously! Our last few weeks have all been a little crazy. And most of the time it seems that we live on small bites of leftover sprouts and microwave dishes. Not always so glamorous, but these DIY Chocolate & Cheese Board printable love markers are a step in the right direction!

In this way, with the perfect pairing of snacks, you can feel all kinds of imagination and at the same time meet the person with whom you share them. By the way, of course. In addition, a chocolate and cheese spread feels automatically increased, especially when combined with DIY cheese knives. But add a touch of pink and cheese Pickup line, and you’ve won the way to my heart!

Materials and tools needed to make printable chocolate and cheese love markers

  • Download the printable in black and white or pink bubbles
  • Scissors
  • Band
  • Toothpicks or Mini dowel rods

How to make DIY chocolate and cheese printable love markers

As usual, this printable DIY is a breeze!

All you have to do is print, cut and paste on a selection of food, and you’re done!

You can write down the cheeses that you used. Or you can add the text to the PDF before printing.

Of course, I had to complicate things by trying to turn off my gold leaf machine… and it didn’t work out.

Therefore, why the instruction photos are half of the black and white version, I have a spotted golden version, then I used the pink one. Ah, The crazy mind of a handyman. I like the way the blush version turned out with the flowers! In the meantime, I’m going to practice perfecting my gilding technique.

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