Lucky Charms Macarons for Patrick Day

DIY Lucky Macarons-perfect for Patrick Day, these DIY Lucky Macarons are very easy to color like giant second-class shapes on the cookies. I really thought these DIY Macarons would be a total Homerun.

So much so that my intern spent three hours sorting the marshmallows out of family-sized boxes of lucky charms, only to learn that you can buy the marshmallows yourself on Amazon. It’s real faith in a project! Instead of a home run, they looked like a Pinterest failure without even doing it on Pinterest.

Trust me. These are not worth your time unless you intend to display them individually on a single plate of well-filled Charms marshmallows. They look cool in a huge pile like Purple ones. But that was already it!

I even tried to visit the whole art school for these villains with a little watercolor icing, and still nothing. The plus side is that if you expired to make them, they are as easy as coloring giant second-class shapes on cookies.

But are still about as cool as it sounds in the text. But would children and children in the heart love them? Absolutely!

  • Ingredients and tools for making DIY Lucky Macarons
  • Royal Icing Mixture-mix according to the instructions on the package.
  • Gel Food Coloring
  • Dedicated food brush
  • Macarons-how to make your own Macarons.

Due to the second class of these Macs, I thought I would spare you the instruction photos because I only used a special food brush to paint the Royal icing on each of them and let them dry.

After that, you just have to place these sweet little cookies on a bed of lucky marshmallows to exchange them. If you make them by chance, be sure to tag me, because misery loves company, haha! But seriously..

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