Winter Cheesecake Toppers Decoration Ideas

DIY Cheesecake Toppers-share 3 quick DIY winter cheesecake toppers to transform each cheesecake into a unique and beautiful cake for you or to give away!

Before I dive too far into these 3 DIY winter cheesecake toppers, I should mention that I haven’t made these cheesecakes. In all conscience, I admit that I ate them all. Basically, I was just very involved. And then I left the making of the dessert to the Cheesecake Factory. Hey! At least I know when I’m going to suffer a defeat!

These would also make great gifts. We all agree that these Toppers are about the little details. To bring them to life, here are three simple ways to prepare them for your favorite (or to serve)…

Winter DIY cheesecake topper/ DIY flower cake topper

Let’s start with the flowers!

With a DIY flower cover in my book, you can never go wrong. And I have a little secret to make it possible! It’s called a cake vase and you will love it. All you do is put the plastic “Vase” filled with water in the cheesecake.Then fill with flowers!

It keeps the flowers beautiful and fresh until you serve them, and it doesn’t matter if the flowers are particularly suitable for food or cake tastes. To make them even more wintry, I sprinkled them with a little powdered sugar for a snow effect.

DIY berry wreath cake covers

  • For an absolutely edible and equally sweet Topper, you can make this berry wreath–
  • All you need are sweet cranberries, blueberries and raspberries.
  • Garnish it with a few sage leaves to get the crown effect.

DIY gingerbread cake cover

  • After all, we have what could be called an edible forest with a gingerbread man. You know, just your casual holiday decoration.
  • Literally, all that is needed for this is a few sprigs of rosemary, a gingerbread cookie and the assembly on your cheesecake.
  • Preferably raspberry with white chocolate, but they do…

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